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Matrix GT1000FX

The GT1000FX is a lightweight 1U format stereo rack mount power amplifier designed specifically for use by guitarists that builds on the Matrix heritage. The GT1000FX is designed with a full range of guitar products in mind, from modellers to valve pre-amps, pre-amp pedals, “slaving” traditional amplifiers and the newer mini-amps with line outputs.

Whilst still delivering the same flat response as the GT800FX, the GT1000FX has been modified to respond even more like a valve power amplifier, giving a “looser” feel and a more open sound that we genuinely believe to be the closest a solid state amp has come to valves!

We’ve not just improved the sound either but also managed to cram another 200 Watts under the hood whilst still keeping the weight at an unbelievable 3.7kg. That’s 1000 watts in bridged mode at 8ohms and a mammoth 650W at 16 ohms!

Dual speed fans ensure that the amplifier stays cool with even all that power, under the most demanding conditions. Neutrik combi 1/4 inch/XLR inputs and combi 1/4inch/Speakon outputs give you maximum flexibilty in how you connect the GT1000FX. We’ve also added a dedicated output for bridged mode, so no special cables are necessary to deliver the full mono power of the amplifier into any impedance of 8 ohms or over. The GT1000FX still has the same ability to handle all impedances 4 ohms and over including mis-matched loads giving you the widest choice when using your favourite cabs and speakers. Running a 2×12 cab with an 8 ohm and 16 ohm speaker in mono or running a 4 ohm cab on one side and a 16 ohm cab on the other in stereo mode is no problem for the GT1000FX!

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