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Matrix GT800FX

The GT800FX is a 1U lightweight amplifier incorporating the switched mode power supply that we build in house. We couple this to our unique class AB MOSFET output stage which ensures the transistors can make the most of their power supply, delivering huge current output and unrivalled control of the loudspeaker cone.

Cooling is made efficient with our turbulated heatsink design. Forced air cooled with low thermal mass keeps the amplifier weight down and gets the heat out quickly. Dual speed temperature controlled 40mm long-life fans force cold air in from the front and exhausts it at the back.

The amplifier has fully balanced Neutrik XLR / 1/4” Jack combo inputs and Neutrik Speakon® / 1/4” Jack combo output sockets. It is connected to the mains by a 10A fused IEC inlet. Input senstivity has been set to 0.775V, in order to match typical signal levels seen with instrument amplification.

Extensive protection circuitry ensures the amplifier is protected from loudspeaker short circuits and miswiring.

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